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The Sikh Temple of WI is organized to promote the principles & ideals of the Sikh religion regardless of color, creed, race, or national origin. The Sikh Temple is devoted to the principles and the ideals of Sikhism. 




Aug. 05, 2012 Victims

Special Event:


We would be honored if you would join us in remembering the victims

and the loved ones lost on that horrific day.

Your presence would show that this is not only a Sikh tragedy, but also an American tragedy.

We must fight this violence not with more violence but by coming together with kindness and love. 

Anniversary is from Aug 05, 2016 - Aug 07, 2016

The Sikh Temple of Wisconsin is commemorating the fourth anniversary of the horrible tragedy that happened here on August 5th 2012 claiming six, precious and innocent lives and leaving the community stunned in disbelief. In the spirit 'of Chardi Kala' (state of Relentless Optimism and High Spirits) instilled into us by our Gurus the community is bouncing back and remembering our dear lost ones.



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Download Flyer

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